My Work

My purpose as a life coach is to uplift, guide and inspire men, women, and children who are survivors of emotional and physical abuse, in a group setting and or one on one, or through my podcast.

I am a writer of short stories and papers in essay format. The following titles are examples of my works;

-The Lost Children of Foster Care.
-Happiness begins at the Roots.
-Save the Children
-The Industrial Welfare Complex
-KIPP Students are Given an Edge in Academics
-America’s Foster Care System is Broken

-My Island and Me (In Progress)
-Black and White Like Me ( In Progress)

To provide a platform to share my story, and provide a space where children and adult survivors of abuse can find their voice.

I have three foundations which I have supported for years.
Operation Smile: Supporting Doctors and Nurses from around the world performing surgery to repair cleft pallet on young children whose parents can not afford the procedure.
Project Hope Foundation: Supporting life-saving vaccinations to children from around the world.
Feeding America: Supporting those who provide food to needing children and their families here in the United States.